Business Valuations

For all questions about business valuations we have the right answer

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Dear PMPG, Should I buy or sell another company? What are the opportunities or risks?
We provide business valuations and will be pleased to advise you. We have expertise and independent specialists and can assist you in acquisitions or sales.

What you should consider:

  • Not every business is a good business
  • The acquisition or disposal of a company often means a lot of money is involved and short-term and long-term effects must be considered.
  • Obtain a valuation of synergy potentials
  • Take into account the fiscal framework

Where will your company be in ten years? Who will manage it? Are there potential successors in your family? Is the expected purchase price appropriate and can it be financed?

Handing over and taking over a company is a process with many possibilities for all the parties but it also harbours many pitfalls and must be considered well.

PMPG business valuations will give you a strong hand in negotiations.

There are many reasons for a professional business valuation. They include company disposals, payment of family members or valuation reports for the bank prior to investments. PMPG soundly determines the value of your company based on verified projected figures. This gives you valuable arguments for negotiations with interested buyers, potential successors or your bank.

PMPG business valuations give you sound arguments for your expected purchase price. Take current and future market and company developments into account. Make sure that the purchase price can be financed. Get planning security for a potential buyer or the bank.

Use our reports for a relaxed negotiating position.