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Dear PMPG, We are insolvent. What happens now? What can we do?
One topic, many questions. Let us find the right answers together with you!

Business difficulties can happen suddenly, unintentionally and sometimes also through no fault of the owner.

But they are a fact that need to be faced. Ideally, with competent support. Meetings with banks, potential investors or prospective takeover candidates are not always part of “daily business”. Trust our specialists.

We offer new perspectives in difficult crisis situations

in the context of the ESUG [German Law on Further Facilitating the Restructuring of Companies] and see great potential – the insolvency is perhaps even an opportunity. In this context, we will assist you through the insolvency process in the context of debtor in possession pursuant to sections 270 et. seqq. of the German Insolvency Act [InsO] as an authorised restructuring consultant and prepare an insolvency plan in accordance with the recognised German audit standard IDW S 2.