Market entry in Germany

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We pave the way for your market entry in Germany

There are several possibilities for foreign companies to expand to the German market: by selling company shares, with the help of a joint venture or by establishing a new company. Establishing a company in Germany is relatively easy, but there are some things which must be considered.

If requested, we offer a professional all-inclusive service

We advise you concerning the legal form that best suits your company, handle the complete start-up process for you with a notary public and the authorities and take care of tax regulations, legal requirements and all contracts.

Furthermore, we recommend framework conditions for possible product launches, advise you concerning licenses and authorisations and develop a business strategy for market introduction.

And when you successfully operate in the German market, you can profit from our numerous further services. We at PMPG are also happy to handle your payroll and financial accounting, all tax registrations and declarations and the annual report.

We are the perfect partner for

  • foreign small and medium-sized companies that are already established in their home market
  • German small and medium-sized companies that are planning to expand into foreign markets

We advise you on

  • taxes, law and business administration
  • legal form
  • purchase of companies
  • start-up projects and joint ventures
  • legal framework conditions for your start-up
  • customs conditions
  • import restrictions
  • distribution of services and products in case of non-settlement