Personnel recruitment and appointment

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We support you with personnel recruitment

Increasingly more companies in Germany are facing the same problem: How can we find good employees? There is a particularly considerable lack of qualified specialists. Yet the existing personnel also need to be tied to the company for as long as possible or even increased in number in order to be sustainable or to be able to respond in a flexible way, depending the order situation.

We advise businesses in terms of the legal and commercial matters surrounding these topics and demonstrate the possibilities as to how they can recruit specialists and trainees – also by recruiting from abroad. In doing so, we accompany businesses on a legal and strategic basis: We ensure a legally-secure presentation and lay the foundations for a successful recruitment process.

We create personnel appointment concepts

We are also at your disposal with our expertise when it comes to how order backlogs can be successfully processed. Are service contracts a good idea? Should temporary staff be appointed? Or is it a better idea to add to the permanent employee team?

Our expertise in the area of staff leasing

Our firm has for several years particularly assisted businesses that both lease and hire temporary staff, for example, by obtaining temporary work permits and preparing the necessary contracts, providing accompanying advice and support with ongoing business, including tax-related matters such as accounting and payroll, extending staff leasing permits, adapting to the continuously-changing legal situation and representation in the event of problems with the respective business partner.

Our services

  • legal and commercial advice surrounding the recruitment of domestic and foreign employees
  • resolution of problems surrounding the recruitment and appointment of personnel
  • arranging the recruitment of temporary staff – inbound, outbound and within the group
  • legally-secure arrangements concerning the employment of subcontractors or other forms of personnel deployment
  • support with employee planning

Whether it is about attracting new staff, the development of work contract solutions or arrangements surrounding staff leasing – you can always rely on our professional and targeted advice. We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of specific solutions and tell you about the associated risks for you as the entrepreneur.