We have the right answers to any questions you have regarding the secondment of foreign workers to Germany.

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Hello PMPG, we are a foreign company and we would like to work with our specialists in Germany. How does that work? As a rule, it should not pose any problems, however, it is necessary to clarify and settle certain contractual and legal matters in advance. Although, that is where we step in: we will do the work for you!

We are your professional partners for the temporal and spatial relocation of the place of work for either one or several employees to Germany. The appointment may last a few days, several months, or may be a secondment which lasts for several years and entails the long-term relocation of the employee. In the case of long-term appointments in particular, it is necessary to take wide-ranging matters regarding employment law into account, which may require the creation of an additional employment contract.

Corresponding contracts also need to be agreed between the foreign company and the German company, the requirements of German social insurance law must be considered, and the situation regarding employment and tax law must be clarified.

We support our clients in the following specialist areas:

  • Employment contracts
  • Social insurance law
  • Employment law
  • Tax law
  • Payroll accounting
  • Financial accounting