Payroll Accounting

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Dear PMPG, Payroll accounting is a rather sensitive subject for us.
It generally is. That is why we gear our processes perfectly to your specific circumstances.

What scenarios can an inconsistent payroll trigger?

Difficult to say – from notice of termination to legal action. At least, however, a great deal of anxiety for the staff. Valid reasons to trust a reliable partner with such complex tasks.

What is the process for recording, accounting, settlement? Who is involved? The tax office, the social security agency? And who deals with sending the payslips to our employees?

Administrative tasks that we will be pleased to tackle for you. Last, but not least, we will also assist you in wage tax and social security audits. Human resources management, an optimised salary structure and industry comparisons also form part of our portfolio.

These also often give rise to labour law questions:

  • How can employment contracts be structured and developed the best?
  • How is one represented before the labour courts?
  • How can employee profit-sharing models be structured?