Hello PMPG, my company would like to expand into Germany. However, I have a lot of questions regarding international tax law and market entry. We have the right answers to all of your questions! After all, the secondment of workers and Germany as a location for foreign companies are two of our specialist fields. As a German company, we also have our own foreign location in neighbouring Luxembourg, and have the requisite international know-how.

International tax law and cross-border taxation of employees

International tax law, also frequently referred to as foreign tax law, encompasses several areas of application. It is regulated by EU law, as well as by corresponding double taxation agreements (DTAs), the Foreign Tax Act and nationally-applicable regulations. The key purpose of these legal regulations is to ensure that the income of individuals and companies does not have to be taxed twice. This is because without international regulations, the different countries would subject all income to the tax laws that are applicable in that specific country.

Our experienced and professional team will be pleased to provide you with detailed, individual advice on the following topics:


  • the use of attractive tax options
  • expansion projects in other countries or markets
  • cross-border staff leasing and/or secondment
  • Germany as a business location – start-up or existing projects