Werner Hötzel

How long have you been at PMPG and what is your main role?

I have been working for PMPG since February 1992. I am part of the management team and head our office in Bornheim.

What do you value most about the PMPG team?

We love team spirit, support each other and have a multitude of varied talents.

What do you think makes PMPG special?

The easy, relaxed dealings with colleagues and clients.

On a more personal note. What do you do in your free time?

I have a deep connection with nature and love to travel. Southern Africa is always at the top of my travel list. I also enjoy long outrides, our Ridgeback, skiing and a good glass of wine.

Why did you become a tax consultant?

After having passed several exams I wanted to ultimately study medicine. But, fate brought me in touch with the book “Tausend ganz legale Steuertricks” [loosely translated as: “One thousand legal tax tricks”]. Then it all started to happen. Medicine became business studies and, in a parallel process, I started working for Pies & Martinet, the firm that would later give rise to PMPG.

Describe PMPG in a few short sentences.

Looking forward. Thinking in terms of solutions. Developing good perspectives. Breaking new ground. We are enthusiastic people who help others to achieve their goals.