Dear PMPG, 40 years is a long time – a lot must have happened?!
Oh yes! A long time also means that we have come a long way. We are really proud of that but we never forget where we came from.

Companies don’t fall from the sky. The buildup, structures and organisations were painstakingly created and strategically realised in many stages.

The journey is the destination. Humanity, passion and real “doer” qualities are the ingredients for PMPG’s success story spanning more than 40 years. The motto of founders Eberhard Pies and Heinz Martinet has been “passion for people” from the beginning.

Whether client or employee – entrepreneurial thinking and further development in the market have always been based on people’s needs. People who made this company what it is today. We have maintained this culture until today – despite growth, despite all the changes. It is the foundation that our success is based on.

PMPG’s milestones

  • 2017Merger with the chancery Bert Nolden in Euskirchen, Germany
    Heiko Sieger becomes a partner at PMPG
    Staff complement increased to 130 employees
  • 2016Merger with the firm in Gerolstein, Germany, tpf
  • 2015Florian Kutschke becomes a partner at PMPG
  • 2014Thomas Wenzler, attorney, becomes a partner at PMPG Pies, Martinet & Partner Steuerberater & Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB
    PMPG Steuerberater & Rechtsanwälte is renamed to PMPG Pies, Martinet & Partner Steuerberater & Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB
    Günther Saumweber leaves the company as a partner
  • 2013Establishment of the management consultancy, PMPG Michael Scherz KG
    Opening of the Cologne offices as PMPG’s third office
    Launch of legal consulting under Katharina Winand, attorney
    Sabine Diebel, Manuel Lommerzheim, Daniela Schmanke and Marcus Vanselow become partners at PMPG
  • 2012Staff complement increased to 80 employees
  • 2009Takeover of the firm in Bonn, Germany, Michael Lück & Günther Saumweber and relocation to new offices in Hohe Straße
  • 2008Marko Frey becomes the company’s fourth partner
  • 2005Heinz Martinet and Eberhard Pies resign their partnerships
    PMPG is born from the professional firm “Pies und Martinet”
  • 2002The first website goes live
    New partners Werner Hölzel, Martin Minder and Volker Seipp join the company
  • 2000A new home at Adenauerallee for the company’s 25-year anniversary and more than 20 employees for the first time
  • 1978Move into the company’s first offices and appointment of an additional seven employees
  • 1975Founding of the professional firm, Eberhard Pies & Heinz Martinet