Andreas Demirci

"PMPG is modern, uncomplicated and people-oriented."

Daniel Esser

"At PMPG, taxes and the law go hand in hand."

Markus Florange

"PMPG is not a traditional tax consultancy. PMPG is innovative."

Marko Frey

"PMPG means: no sooner said than done"

Fabian Geller

"PMPG offers the "Tax made easy service" for the success of your clients and employees."

Mirco Heidrich

"At PMPG, the focus is on the person, rather than the figures."

Sven Kall

"PMPG is simply great – competence in all areas and the focus is on people."

Florian Kutschke

"I love it how we can approach issues in a focused way at PMPG in order to reach our goals."

Sabine Lemke

"I love the team spirit at PMPG"

Lena Lohmar

"PMPG offers holistic consultancy services tailored precisely to our clients."

Manuel Lommerzheim

"PMPG is simply different."

Nicole Matzner

"PMPG offers tax advice with vision. We turn figures into opportunities."

Martin Minder

"At PMPG, we see beyond the obvious."

Marko Pflanz

"PMPG is a young, dynamic group people really enjoy working with."

Björn Reinhardt

"At PMPG, everything’s just right. For everyone."

Michael Scherz

"Short and sweet: a great, competent and fantastic team."

Daniela Schmanke

"At PMPG we provide advice on equal terms"

Volker Seipp

"At PMPG we don’t need the right suits, we need the right solutions."

Heiko Sieger

"At PMPG the team spirit is at it’s best."

Frank Soens

"At PMPG, we’re strong together."

Andreas Theres

"For me, PMPG is a modern and innovative tax consultancy firm that has shed the dusty tax consultant image due to its subsisting “jeans factor”."

Marcus Vanselow

"PMPG has the courage to continuously improve itself and develop itself further."

Sebastian Wieler

"The special thing about PMPG is that we act, rather than simply react."