Lena Lohmar

How long have you been at PMPG and what is your main role?

I’ve been working as a tax consultant at the Bonn site since 2014. In addition to looking after clients, I am in charge of one of the two tax teams there and I have also managed our new Bergisch Gladbach site since 1st January 2020.

What do you value most about the PMPG team?

My colleagues and I share our expertise in a constructive manner and treat each other honestly.

What do you think makes PMPG special?

Human interaction is definitely always at the forefront. In addition, I have the option of undertaking professional training at any time, which is explicitly encouraged and supported by the management.

On a more personal note, what do you do in your free time?

I love to spend my free time outside with my dog, hiking or do sports.

Why did you become a tax consultant?

In principle, I owe my path to becoming a tax advisor to two main characteristics: I am very structured and have an affinity for numbers. In addition, the job is interesting and varied, because you get to know companies intensively and can support business processes and successes.

Describe PMPG in a few short sentences.

PMPG is definitely a modern firm that is constantly developing itself and its employees. And that is a decisive success factor, not only in view of the advances in digitisation.