Florian Kutschke

How long have you been at PMPG and what is your main role?

I have been a tax consultant and team leader at PMPG since March 2012. I have also specialised in external audits.

What do you value most about the PMPG team?

We stick together and keep our spirits high even when the going gets tough. In this way, we always succeed in reaching our goals together.

What do you think makes PMPG special?

The overall concept simply works. I leave my house in the mornings and give 100% the whole day long together with my colleagues – and sometimes I stay beyond the normal working hours. Work is fun here – not a chore!

On a more personal note. What do you do in your free time?

When I am not on the football field, I tinker away at my vintage car. Unfortunately, I do the latter far too often. You often tinker more than you drive.

Why did you become a tax consultant?

I used to work for the Federal tax office. But it quickly became clear to me that I am not a good civil servant and that my ambitions will not be realised here. Chance then brought me to the other side …

Describe PMPG in a few short sentences.

The team is the main thing. Unusual ideas are everyday here. You will be hard pressed to find more flexible working models.