Frank Soens

How long have you been at PMPG and what is your main role?

I’ve been at PMPG since 2010 and have been a tax consultant since 2018. As well as taking care of clients, I manage a tax team and I‘ m the site manager at the Gerolstein office. My technical expertise is in the field of agriculture, forestry and real estate management, among others.

What do you value most about the PMPG team?

At PMPG, “togetherness” is very important, which makes us strong as a team.

What do you think makes PMPG special?

I appreciate the open communication at PMPG and the motivation to make improvements as a team.

On a more personal note, what do you do in your free time?

My family comes first, but I also love music and I am part of the volunteer fire brigade.

Why did you become a tax consultant?

Even at school, dealing with numbers and working with people were very important to me, and as a tax consultant I can combine both.

Describe PMPG in a few short sentences.

At PMPG, our clients are not abstract figures, the focus is on people.