Sebastian Wieler

How long have you been at PMPG and what is your main role?

I have been working for PMPG since autumn 2014. In addition to managing a tax team at the Bonn office, I advise clients of all kinds. In recent years, my focus has been on advising non-profit organisations in particular.

What do you value most about the PMPG team?

For me, the team spirit, inside and outside the office, is what sets the PMPG team apart.

What do you think makes PMPG special?

The special thing about PMPG is that we act, rather than simply react, so we are open to new things. With our flat hierarchy, we can adapt quickly to changes and do not lose any time.

On a more personal note, what do you do in your free time?

I love to be in the sun or in the mountains, with my family and friends. In addition to PMPG and family, there’s luckily still a bit of time to support my football team and motorsport.

Why did you become a tax consultant?

Because I’ve been enthusiastic about working with people since my training and tax law gives me the opportunity to live my dream. And there’s no need for a suit and tie.

Describe PMPG in a few short sentences.

PMPG is straightforward, competent and always there for its clients and employees; just like a consultant should be.